1 de diciembre de 2007

Grabación de lo ocurrido en los "pays" de Betty

Para escuchar la grabación del día de hoy, acceder a gpdiad.com con los mismos datos del post anterior:

Username: BarhyteGlenn
Password: tevredenheid
Opcion alterna: youtube
Hombre 1 posiblemente Lt. Karl Breitup
Hombre 2 posiblemente Detective Sargento Jason McCree
Mujer 1 posiblemente Betty

[footsteps approach]
[Man 1] You order?
[Man 2] Just coffee for both of us. Nobody eats here.
[Man 1] Flass did.
[both chuckle]
[Man 2] Yeah, Flass would eat off a train floor.
[Man 1] I heard he's lost a lot of weight.
[Man 2] What'd you expect, the guy's a vegetable.
[Woman 1] Your coffee, you want anything with that?
[Man 1] Hey Betty, just the special.
[Woman 1] You don't want pie or nothin'?
[Man 2] Ah, no thanks. The missus made three pies for the Thanksgiving. I'm all pie'd out.
[Woman 1] So is it just coffee? What am I, some kind of barista or somethin'?
[Man 1] Hey, I promise, we'll tip good.
[Woman 1] Half of my tables just drinking coffee. Stupid Italians. Now, Mr. Falcone, he liked a piece of pie. Special's with the check. [walks off]
[Man 2] She charged us for the coffee. Well you know we gotta pay here - there'll be a drop point... Look at this, will ya? Two bucks for coffee. [footsteps approach]
[Man 3] It's okay guys, coffee's on the department this time. (hushed and serious) Internal Affairs, hands on the table. I'll take your side arms and we'll all go downtown.
[Man ?] Internal Affairs?
[Man 3] Keep your voices down. Hands on the table.
[commotion in background. Gunshots fired]
[Man ?] Get down, get down!
[Man 4] Fire, we got fire. Backup, we need backup.
[Man 2?] Oh, God, Karl!
[Man 4] Officer down.
[gunshots] [bullets ricochet] [shuddering and panting can be heard]
[Man 2?] ...couldn't stay up in the parking lot. You had to arrest us in the middle of a restaurant?! Who do - who do you think eats here?! Boy Scouts?! Just who the hell do you think eats here?! Jesus Christ! Karl!
[Man 4] 2361, I need backup. 1445 Maloney.
[Dispatch] Unit 2361, we have reports of shots fired. Units are on the way.
[Man 4] We got an officer down, repeat an officer down.
[Dispatch] Copy that.
[Man 4] Suspects are two white males, one f- [feedback]
Updated: Nuevo correo de Wearetheanswer.com:
Please be advised that the active phase of the investigation pertaining to your tip has come to a close. The case is now under review by the corruption unit at the District Attorney's office. Thank you for stepping forward to provide what has turned out to be crucial information in this investigation. By exposing corruption, you are part of making Gotham better, safer, stronger.
Mensajes sacados de Gothamcab.com al marcar el numero (1-877-530-2227)USA:
1.- Don't worry about all this stuff in the papers. Now I'm told Garcetti is handling it. Rossi called me this morning. He's got more work. Double the payment. Sounds good, right? If anyone comes to us with questions, we've just got to keep our mouths shut. Understand?
2.- Hey Breitup, Listen up, you and your partner should come by Betty's house of pies, come at the regular time on Saturday, The Waitress will have that special just for you...know what I mean?
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Saludos Cordiales
Eduardo Salceda



4 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

sera harvey dent corrupto??? en la pelicula , osea por un lado se mostrara como peleador de el crimen ,pero en realidad tiene otra personalidad y es un corrupto , como es su situacion en los comics???

Gothic Power dijo...

No me había dado cuenta que Dent tenía un lado corrupto, al menos en "El Largo Haloween" aparece como sospechoso de los asesinatos pero no recuerdo el lado corrupto. Aunque parece ser el tercer hombre porque los tipos como que le dicen: "No nos pudiste arrestar en otro lado"

Jack Ryder dijo...

En los comics, hasta donde yo recuerdo, Harvey Dent no era un fiscal corrupto; lo que sí tenía era un "lado oscuro de su personalidad", un reverso violento reprimido.

Anónimo dijo...