30 de noviembre de 2007

Saints with unschurch.org Updated

2do. Post del día-

Escribir en la búsqueda del sitio http://www.saintswithunschurch.org/ Anna Marie Loverso y obtendrán un certificado de bautizo.

Whysoserious Updated: http://www.whysoserious.com/theperfectgetaway/

Mensaje de la llamada telefónica de los policías mencionados en el documento: LC6551

Nuevo e-mail desde WeAreTheAnswer.org:

Thank you for your information on suspicious activity regarding a police officer. Your information appears to possibly be very important in an open investigation regarding the officer(s) involved. It is impossible to disclose any specific information on the investigation, but be assured that the information you have provided is being handled with the utmost seriousness and confidentiality.If you have any further information about criminal activity that the officer(s) have or will be engaging in, you are encouraged to use the tip-line form as an ongoing resource.Please keep this email and the information you have provided us confidential. Your information is part of an ongoing police investigation and is therefore subject to all laws governing an investigation. Premature disclosure of information could compromise the investigation.Again, thank you for your assistance. We rely on your help. Together, we are making Gotham City better, safer, stronger. Together, We Are the Answer.
Updated: Le he escrito a Glenn Barhyte (glenn.barhyte@gpdiad.com) lo siguiente:
I have proof of corruption in the GPD. Eduardo
y he obtenido la siguiente respuesta, para mi sorpresa es personal:
Eduardo, I'm all ears. Glenn
Tambien he escrito a Bettys House of pies (reservations@bettyshouseofpies.com) para hacer una reservación y me la han negado: We don't take reservations from email anymore because nobody ever checked and people just got mad.
Eduardo Salceda



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